Paper Trail: 15 Brazilian Artists


10 April - 10 May, 2008

Alex Cerveny

Brigida Baltar



Carlos Vergara

Daniel Senise

Daniel Zarvos

Franklin Cassaro

Gustavo Speridião

Jarbas Lopes

Laura Lima

Maria Laet

Nelson Felix

Pedro Varela

Sandra Cinto

Maria Laet 'Dialogue (Balloon and body)'
"Paper Trail brings together artists from Nova Figuração Brasileira (New Brazilian Figuration) Geração 80 (Generation 80) and the 1990s generation alongside emerging Brazilian artists. The selection of artists within the exhibition is not aimed at defining a national artistic identity; neither can it offer a complete survey of contemporary Brazilian developments. Rather, our purpose has been to introduce some of the many strands of these developments to a London audience. Most of the artists included, though well-established in South America, have never previously exhibited in the United Kingdom. So, whilst we acknowledge the inherent implications of a nationalistic grouping, we hope it serves more as a revealing context for the differing styles, techniques and genres. Equally, by confining the exhibition to works for which paper is the primary medium we hope to further encourage dialogue, comparisons and contrasts between the artists' diverse approaches. It is perhaps therefore the dialogue, both within the show itself and between the artists and their new audience, which we hope will define the parameters of this exhibition."