9 June - 31 July, 2023

“Gathering” is an exhibition that has been slowly evolving on the walls of my home over the thirty years of my working life. Paradoxically, my career has been far more focused on abstract art and the infinite styles and forms it has taken in modern art. One might therefore assume that my acquisitions would have followed the same path over the years. However, whilst there are some highlights of non-representational art on my walls, it is figures and faces that appear most vividly. Although I never set out with any preconceived plan to buy one thing or another, it is now quite clear in my mind that capturing the human form and spirit is still the highest form of art, and what interests me most.

I have always wanted to exhibit art outside the white-walled confines of a gallery, and over the years, I have been to many great restaurants with great art. From Zurich’s Kronenhalle, the Colombe d’Or in Saint Paul, and Paris Bar in Berlin — to name a few. Sitting and relaxing is the best time spent in front of art, and it is my great pleasure, with thanks to James and Phil, to be able to show my iteration.

“Gathering” brings together artists from the UK and abroad, all with strong connections to these shores, either having shown or produced the works here in Britain.

Frank Auerbach

David Bailey

John Bock

Tim Braden

Larry Clark

Saul Fletcher

Dalton Gata

Richard Hamilton

Allen Jones

Patrick Jones

Mark Leckey

Jonas Lipps

Maria Marshall

Joel Mesler

Annie Morris

Eddie Peake

Jon Pylypchuk

Jamel Robinson