Career 1993 - 1995

Henry’s career began in 1993, with a sixth month internship at Waddington Galleries. He then went on to secure jobs with Annely Juda and White Cube.

Career 1996 - 2023

Hauser & Wirth

Notable sales


Alighiero Boetti 'Mappa', 1978

Mario Schifano 'Monochrome', 1962


Lucio Fontana 'Concetto Spaziale', 1961

Frank Auerbach 'Primrose Hill', 1984

Phillips, Contemporary

Notable sales


Gerhard Richter 'Abstraktes Bild (682-4)', 1998

Gerhard Richter 'Weiẞ', 1998


Jeff Koons 'Naked', 1988

Andy Warhol '20 Pink Mao's', 1979


Christopher Wool 'And If', 1992

Phillips, Latin America

Notable sales


Carmen Herrera 'Basque', 1965

Mira Schendel 'Objecto gráfico', 1973

Wilfredo Lam 'Présages', 1947


Lygia Pape 'Twelve Elements from The Night and Day Book (Book of Light)', 1963/76


Gabriel Orozco 'Naturaleza recuperada', 1990

Lygia Clark 'Contra Relevo (Objeto N. 7)', 1979

Antonio Manuel 'Untitled (Protest)', 1968

Nelson Leirner 'Homenagem a Fontana I', 1967


Notable sales


Donald Judd 'Untitled', 1990

Notable exhibits

"During the past year, many fascinating people have shared with us their views about Duchamp's unique vision and the impact his work has had on the generations of artists that followed him. What emerged from these conversations was that his influence had been the most strongly felt by a generation of young American artists working in the 1950s and 60s. It was the radical nature of Duchamp's readymades -- only produced in their entirety for the first time in 1964 -- that so impressed vanguard Post-War American artists. Since Duchamp's legacy had been widespread, in approaching such a broad topic it is necessary to narrow the scope in order to make the present exhibition feasible. We have thus decided to focus on the readymade and to confine ourselves to the artists working in America."

Sherrie Levine 'Fountain (After Marcel Duchamp)', 1990

Andy Warhol 'Mona Lisa', 1963

Robert Rauschenberg '19346 (License)', 1961


Notable private sales


Mondrian 'Composition Jaune et Bleu', 1930

Notable auctions

Works from the Herbig Collection, 1998

George Baselitz 'Fingermalerei I-Adler', 1971-2

On Kawara 'May 1-7, 1971 ("Today" Series Nos. 23-29)', 1971

A.R. Penck 'Standart 1', 1970-72

Gerhard Richter 'Seestück', 1969

Bruce Nauman 'Concrete Tape Recorder Piece', 1968

A Life of Collecting, Victor and Sally Ganz, 1997

Eva Hesse 'Unfinished, Untitled, or Not Yet', 1966

Jasper Johns 'Souvenir 2', 1964

Robert Rauschenberg 'Red Interior', 1954

Pablo Piccasso 'Le Rêve', 1932

Allsopp Contemporary was established in 2004 as a gallery representing emerging artists. In 2020, Henry reestablished the business, dealing on the secondary market.